Bossalena A recording artist,Certified Engineer & entrepreneur. Raised in Compton California but now resides and kicking up dust in San Antonio TX for the past couple years. A very passionate and explosive performer with accurate and precise delivery, Sharpened over years of dedication and love for the craft of music.

With her do it yourself mind set she embodies her name BOSSALENA by being a leader having control and ownership over all aspects of her business,music and life. Also overcoming road block's set in her path with ease and confidence that inspires other female artist and male's to never give up building their empire and going hard for their dreams. While still in the process of building her independent team 

BOSSALENA continues to push forward with new music projects and business ventures. Greedy Girl Ent (Bossalena's Entertainment Company) will have official launch 2020 along with Podcast. Also Boss partnered with CREEPY GALLERY MEDIA GROUP who's creating a comic book series with Bossalena as lead Character intitled BOSSALENA-LEGEND Ep.1  coming July 2020. So Stay tuned and please show support by purchasing official Bossalena product's & physical copies of Music exclusively @ bossalenastore.com